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Your children will take part in a vast amount of activities at the Forest School. Throughout the seasons these activities will change and adapt, so the learning will be constantly new, exciting and challenging. An evolving learning environment.  Here are a few of our activities.   


Children will be given the opportunity to use different tools, with natural resources like wood. 



Taking care of ourselves and each other in our natural world. We will all learn what we are capable of and how special we are.

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So much exploring to do! We will all be using our strength to climb, balance, run and walk. Pushing the boundaries and achieving our goals.

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Navigating the woodland


We will teach the children to use tools and navigate their way around the woodland and field. We will find new paths and trails exploring.


Preparing and eating a healthy meals together in the woods.


Mark-making with different tools using paint, mud and water. using imagination and being creative.

Den building 

Finding branches, and building dens together. This builds strength, stamina and the skills to work as a team.

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Making shelters


So much fun can be had building a shelter. Creating shade from the sun or rain, we can read stories, eat a picnic and play games.

Making bug hotels 

We need to look after our insects, so building a bug hotel will give them a home in the winter and we can observe them easily.

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Craft and creativity


Using tools and natural resources to create beautiful open-ended art in the outdoors.

Story telling & song time

We will bring our stories to life in the woodland. Searching for the Gruffalo and going on a bear hunt!

Bird watching

We will observe the birds in the woodland and watch them when they nest in the spring.

Observing the animals & insects

How exciting, watching the animals and insects as they busily get on with their daily activities. 

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Tasks and activities


Children will learn to follow instructions while taking part in lots of fun, open-ended activities in the woodland.

Learning about weather

Not only will the children learn about the weather, they will be immersed, living and breathing all the seasons.

Caring for our environment


The children will learn to care for their environment. We need to live sustainably to secure our world for all generations to come.

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